Princes Street - CODAworx

Princes Street

Submitted by Alexander Beleschenko

Client: Crown Estate

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2004

Project Team


Crown Estate


Alexander Beleschenko


Part cladding to a facade of a residential building in central London.
The work is made up of ten panels of glass that are back painted and filled with clear resin and flakes of mouth blown glass. A collaboration with developer, architect and artist the theme is based around abstract forms suggestive of flora and fauna.


Although a work that is ostensibly passed by it has a place within the architectural landscape as a piece to enliven and enrich. At ground level the glass panels can be viewed for the richness and depth of combined elements behind the toughened glass front surface.


The development phase was done in a relatively short time with the base imagery decided upon from a pick of alternatives. The process of the glass working was a longer phase where many forays into different glass techniques were explored in order to define the work as an expression of the material with its potential of strong colour and texture.

Additional Information

The glass flake elements that float across the back painted surface were specially commissioned from a Sweden based glass blower. Worked in the artists workshop this was first for the studio to execute a work with this particular combination of techniques.