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Client: Kaikai Kiki Gallery

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


James Jean

Industry Resource

Judson Studios

Judson Studios


“Portals” (2018) by James Jean, in partnership with Judson Studios, included three panels entitled “Portal Verso,” “Portal Interior,” and “Portal Recto.” Judson Studios translated James Jean’s original designs into a combination stained/fused glass triptych. The work was displayed as part of his solo gallery show “Azimuth” at Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan in April of 2018.


Judson Studios aimed to create an installation that would capture Jean’s artwork in a three dimensional space, considering display, lighting, and the viewer’s experience. A unique set of pieces, the three panels combine fused and leaded techniques to reference traditional stained glass while also maintaining Jean’s design by fusing areas that would be impossible using traditional methods. In collaboration with Judson Studios, Jean also included details like lead overlay stars and three dimensional elements on the turtle’s shell. The studio combined a myriad of techniques in order to fully realize Jean’s design.


Jean was an active collaborator in every stage of design and production. Each Judson Studio’s project begins with samples to confirm that the selected fabrication method closely resembles the artist’s expectations. After approving samples, Jean allowed Judson Studios to move through the production process. The minimalist, free standing frames were then provided by the artist and Judson installed each panel. Before crating and shipping the panels, the triptych was displayed at Judson Studios to test their installation environment atop pedestals with projected lighting.