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Pneumatic Dreamer

Client: W Hotel -San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2000

Project Team


Michael Stutz

Industry Resource

John Buss

John Buss


Mark Hornberger

Hornberger Worstell Architects


Built of irregularly sheared, annealed bronze strips welded together around a bronze armature. The open, latticed quality of the construction allows sunlight to sparkle and dance through the sculptural space, shifting ­constantly between the internal and external realms, and emphasizing the airy, “pneumatic,” quality of the figure. The dreamer serves as a soothing talisman, its serenity and inwardness offering an opportunity for reflection in the midst of a bustling urban space.


Pneumatic Dreamer" is a natural response to the neo-classical design of the W Hotel building and it's placement within the MOMA area of San Francisco. The use of a figurative element on the podium frieze has extensive historical precedent, and emphasizes the body as an integral part of the urban landscape.


The Artist worked intensively with the project Architects,-Hornberger and Worstell to create a sculpture that complimented the building.