Panther Pride - CODAworx

Panther Pride

Submitted by Rosetta Sculpture

Client: Chapman University

Location: Orange, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $183,000

Project Team


James Doti

Chapman University

Interior Designer

Ken Murai

Chapman University

Interior Designer

Bryan Tjomsland

RZAD Design

Industry Resource

Dan Ochs

Ochs Wax Pouring

Industry Resource

Kathy Page

Page, Inc.

Industry Resource

Gary Pitcher

Dragon Castings

Industry Resource

Patrick Kipper

Pat Kipper Patination

Industry Resource

Sheree Lambert

Shippers Supply Custom Pack

Industry Resource

Eric Mesple

Mesple Metal


Jan Rosetta

Rosetta Sculpture


This has been an ongoing project of Chapman University to install sculptures of their mascot, the Panthers, all around campus, mainly whenever a new building or sports facility is built. They have commissioned six Panther sculptures from Rosetta so far and have left open the possibility of more in the future.


Each Panther sculpture was commissioned individually for its location and tailored to the function of that location. For instance, a mother with her cub was designed for a new housing complex and a "Charging Panther" for the new athletic complex, which is wheeled out onto the field for football games and rubbed by the players for good luck.


It is the University President, James Doti, who usually decides when, where and what kind of pose he wants for each Panther. After consultations between us, he and the project manager approve my design and I work with their contractor for the design of the base. The base contractor coordinates the installation based on my instructions. My sub-contractors at this end do the casting of the bronze under my supervision.