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Paintinf Stainless Steel Animal sculpture


Location: Norway, Norway

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Sculpture design

Sculpture Artist

Sculpture Manufacture

Sino Sculpture Group


The painting stainless steel animal sculpture is designed by the artist and installed it in a Kindergarten in Norway, and the painted stainless steel animal statue looks more cartoonish and cute than the real giraffe. The whole stainless steel sculpture is 2.4m(7.87ft) high, which surface panel made of stainless steel plate 316L and the interior structure adopted stainless steel 304 which is more corrosion resistant compared to carbon steel.


The giraffe is an animal that is always popular with children. The first is that it is relatively rare, because it is not often seen in daily life, and the second is that it has a long neck, which arouses the curiosity of children from time to time. The last point is that whether it is from the screen or in the book, the giraffe is always an amiable image and accompanies the children to play.


Design, model optimization, fabrication, surface treatment, packing, shipping, installation on-site.