Pacific - CODAworx

Client: Sierra Pacific Constructors for a Confidential Company

Location: Los Angeles, PA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Talley Fisher

Talley Fisher Studio

Interior Designer

Joelle Drury

Wolcott Architecture


David Ereshena

Sierra Pacific Constructors


“Pacific” is located in the lobby of a confidential company in Los Angeles, CA. The sculpture is inspired by the reflections of light on the ocean waves, illustrated by the combination of metallic finishes and blue/grey powder coated elements. It is suspended from a stainless steel disc on stainless steel bead chain, which gives the illusion of water and gently sways with the air currents.


The client was interested in a suspended sculpture for the 2-story space under renovation. The sculpture was to be integrated into the interior design, and would be encompassed by the curvilinear staircase. The sculpture is meant to draw the eye upward as one climbs the carefully crafted staircase, and seamlessly blend into the architecture of the building.


The artist worked extensively with Wolcott Architecture (WA) and the contractor to integrate the sculpture into the architecture of the building, in particular the circular soffit in which it would be housed. By bringing in the artist before the final design and construction was complete, the necessary adjustments and method for suspension of the artwork were easily integrated. The artist designed a stainless steel disc to mount to the concrete deck in the soffit, for suspension of the sculpture. This allowed the bead connections to the ceiling to be hidden, giving a clean, sleek look. Lighting was placed in the soffit to light the sculpture and cove.

Material samples were sent to WA to review with client and discuss color selections. Color selections were chosen to match the interior design finishes of the space, as well as to highlight the concept of water in the sculpture. The contractor mounted the disc with attached bead chain in the soffit before the artist arrived for the artwork installation.

The result is a beautiful suspended sculpture that is fully integrated into the interior design of the space.