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Outside The Box

Submitted by Vanessa Stafford

Client: County of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation

Location: Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $500

Project Team


Vanessa Stafford

Outside the Box

Art Consultant

Kathy de Wilde

County of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation


Outside the Box is a public art project funded by the County of Santa Cruz. Artists are chosen to paint on designated cabinets in Santa Cruz County. Most cabinets are 49″x24″x36″.


The goals were to create lively images for traffic signal cabinets. Blank cabinets are lures for graffiti artists and taggers, so images painted by artists deters tagging. The images provide visual engagement for the public


Outsid the Box begins with the Council meeting, and the project is voted in. Next a "Call to Artists" is put out and artists respond. The next step is for the chosen artists to be given the location of their traffic signal cabinets, next the artists give dates of beginning and completion of their cabinets. The final paintings are published on the "Outside the Box" link in the County of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation public web site.

Additional Information

Ouside the Box (and other such projects) provide delight and engagement by the general public.