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We Are Stardust + Our Celestial Bodies

Client: Laurel Porcari

Location: Bronx, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Laurel Porcari

Montefiore Fine Art Program


“We Are Stardust” is a free-standing, curved, kilnformed (fused) glass and steel sculpture designed by artist Laurel Porcari in 2015. Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx, NY) was so taken with artist Porcari’s artwork that in 2016 they requested a second work, “Our Celestial Bodies,” effectively turning the commissions into a two-part series. Both artworks were made for Einstein Hospital’s Weiler Lobby located on the Montefiore campus. While the fabrication methods and materials for both projects are largely the same, “We Are Stardust” is a free-standing structure with a decorative, steel armature, while “Our Celestial Bodies” consists of five wall-mounted discs free of anything covering the glass.

“We Are Stardust” is comprised of six panels, each with a concealed support frame, kilnformed art glass panels, and intricately patterned and brushed stainless steel overlays. This free-standing feature wall, installed in an alcove located between the reception desk and gift shop, measures 10’9” H x 13’3” W x 5” D.

“Our Celestial Bodies” includes discs made of fused art glass, set into circular, monolithic frames that float just above reception seating, visually anchoring the waiting area just inside the entrance to the hospital. Each disc is 48″, 38″, or 26″ in diameter.


The two parts of this Laurel Porcari project needed to speak to each other thematically and visually. "We Are Stardust" speaks to humanity and our place in the universe, while its sister piece, "Our Celestial Bodies" speaks to our individual and unique souls that form that universe. The glass discs are reminiscent of portholes that look through the wall to something greater, while the patterns, both complex and captivating, encourage people to study them and their optic qualities, achieving moments of contemplation and calm in an otherwise busy and stressful setting. Both projects are made of the same glass material, same colors, and were made by the same kilnforming processes.


Multiple material techniques came together to realize both projects. The artist’s full scale glass design drawings, which detailed the exact color and location of thousands of pieces of glass, were used by our fabrication team to create the works. For example, two layers of our colored sheet glasses, in specific color styles, were cut down into small strips, laid out, dusted with black glass powder, fused to a clear glass base and then laminated to mirror. This achieved the desired light reflection, color richness, and depth.

Additional Information

"We Are Stardust" and "Our Celestial Bodies" are part of The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Einstein. For more information visit: https://montefiorefineartprogram.squarespace.com