Open Air Forged Sculpture Gallery - CODAworx

Open Air Forged Sculpture Gallery

Submitted by Hammer Touch Design

Client: Ovre Eiker Municipality

Location: Skotselv, Norway

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Arkadiusz Gawecki


Ovre Eiker Municipality


Open air forged sculpture gallery is created for the local community as well as for visitors . It is a relation between art,craft and human where forged metal sculptures and modern forged outdoor furnitures are placed in public space .


By placing artwork around Skotselv village the goal was to transform the village for the outdoor art gallery which shows the village in modern creative image and makes
the place distinctive in the country and abroad. It is the only place like this in Norway and Scaninavia .


Project is the idea of one man Arkadiusz Gawecki who is the (blacksmith/sculptor/designer/menager) for this project . There is collaboration only between the autor and Ovre Eiker municipality

Additional Information

Place of free thinking who makes the local people identify with it.