Onward Coworking Reception Wall - CODAworx

Onward Coworking Reception Wall

Submitted by Jennifer Park

Client: Onward Coworking

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team


Jennifer Park

Jurassic Studio


Onward Coworking


The wall design consists of interchangeable paper boxes. Logo decals are affixed to the boxes, and the boxes are inserted into the display. As tenants move in or move on, boxes can be removed and replaced with a new box that’s ready for another tenant’s logo. The boxes are laser cut from mat board, which keeps the system lightweight. The boxes are folded into shape like a gift box keeping the cost of replacing boxes low. The boxes are held into place through a diagonal pattern of wooden pegs which together provide a tight fit for each box.


Sharing office space offers entrepreneurs an inexpensive way to build their start-ups with all the conveniences of their more established competitors. Shared offices are growing in popularity. Generically called coworking offices, they provide meeting rooms, group workspaces, private offices, high-speed Internet and the business equipment that all start-ups need. However, coworking offices don’t typically provide potential clients who visit any inkling that the start-up they want is indeed located within that shared office environment. A simply designed, dynamic wall changes that. A versatile display at Onward Coworking in Chicago gives even the smallest business the means to prominently feature their logo in the reception area.


The wall was designed, fabricated and installed by Longo Park when it was a tenant at Onward Coworking.