Ohio Center Garage Elevator - CODAworx

Ohio Center Garage Elevator

Submitted by Don Coulter

Client: Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $2,000,000

Project Team


Don Coulter


Art Consultants

Michael & Jim Reese

Reese Brother Production


This was an extension of a previous project to promote to the city of Columbus. This is a reproduction of my previous art piece commissioned by the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority. The original is currently housed in the Columbus Convention Center. The original image was scanned , reproduced on tile and assembled to create the 6th floor elevator wall.


The Ohio center garage is connected to the Convention Center, Ohio Center and Hilton Hotel. With over 1 million visitors annually, the goal was to promote the city of Columbus.


On this project I collaborated with multiple agencies. New to the team is artist James Godwin. In addition there was The Reese Brothers Productions and Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority ( FCCFA ). This is was one of four projects I collaborated on with this group. Including the Hilton Hotel, Columbus Convention Center and Hilton Tower 2.0 slated for the summer of 2022.