O.T. 923 - CODAworx

O.T. 923

Submitted by Stefan Reiss

Client: Today Art Museum Beijing

Location: Beijing, China

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Art Consultant

Huijun Guan

Here Your Art


Yan Yan

Today Art Museum


Stefan Reiss


„O.T. 923“ was realised for the exhibition „Lumen Matrix Exhibition“ at Today Art Museum in Beijing, China. Lumen Prize is an London based digital art prize launched 2012. Every year the prize nominates artists for various categories. 2016 my work „O.T. 875“ was nominated for the category Sculpture / 3D.

„O.T. 923“ contains a wood and metal construction with polyester strings (Dimensions 15 x 5 x 4 meters), so that people could walk around and through the whole construction.

The video projection was a loop, containing straight lines animated in a 3D space with 26 vivid colours.


Lumen Prize encouraged me to make a concept for a big installation in the entrance area of Today Art Museum. With 3D renderings of the museum I developed this spatial, site-specific art work, which was the first impression experienced by the visitors, when entering the Museum’s first floor.

Lumen Prize, Here Your Art and me developed several 3D mockups implemented in to the 3D spaces of the museum. The space available for the installation grew in several meetings, that in the end the installation could expand to those massive dimensions.

Originally planned in a smaller scale, the Lumen Prize, the installation team and me had to face several challenges to fit the art work into the architecture of the museum.


Main challenge was the health and safety of the audience. The installation team, Lumen Prize, Here Your Art and me spent hours on securing, that the architecture of the Museum space can hold the weight of both construction and strings.

The whole team did an extraordinary job in building this art work, which is truly site-specific and which was never built before. At every step meetings, discussions and deep knowledge made this unique installation come to life.