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Jump Trading NYC

Submitted by Matthew Olyphant

Client: Corporate Artworks and Jump Trading

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Matthew Olyphant

Matthew Olyphant Fine Art

Art Consultant

Blythe Lee

Corporate Artworks


I was commissioned to paint a piece in California at my studio and then ship the piece to Chicago. From there it would be installed at the Jump Trading offices in New York. The piece was inspired by the Big Apple and the classic New York city taxi. Working from a photograph that inspired the piece the client wanted me to really capture the energy of the New York city streets. Blythe Lee of Corporate Artworks was extremely helpful with the process of creating this piece. This piece was approximately 5' ft. x 5' ft.


The client loved the edgy rawness of my work, and wanted me to capture the energy and edge of New York for their new acquired New York offices. I was so excited to create this piece as I love New York and was honored to be creating a piece that would be residing in that environment.


Blythe Lee of Corporate Artworks negotiate the terms and directed the commission, from the beginning mock-up sketches through to the final works. I simply created the piece in my studio in Northern California and then shipped the piece to Chicago, where Blythe took care of the installation in New York.

Additional Information

Working with Blythe Lee at Corporate Artworks and the client was an absolute joy. Creating commission pieces is always a challenge and a welcomed one. Painting for me is a joy and a dream come true, and working with this team of people has been fantastic.