New Growth Forest - CODAworx

New Growth Forest

Submitted by Chris Condon

Client: East Roswell Library

Location: Roswell, GA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $62,000

Project Team


HMB Architects

HMB Architects


Chris Condon


Materials: oak, cedar, limestone, steel The concept behind the piece is that all the flora and fauna in the area that were disturbed and displaced by the construction have returned and taken up residency in the library, going about their daily routines among the shelves of books. Consisting of nine different sites throughout out the library the carved wooden sculptures are made of about 75% reclaimed wood. The wood came from trees taken down on the site, primarily an extremely old and large oak tree, as well as construction waste, i.e. pallet wood.


The East Roswell Library is located in a wooded city park and my goal was to bring the outside environment into the library as much as possible. My placing the art work on the fixtures, the ground, and the architecture I tried to create a nature walk right inside the library, where visitors can moments of discovery while using the library facilities.


The collaboration process invoved imput from the community members, the architects, projects mangers, and even area children with whom I conducted workshops with about the project. This all helped the intial design evolve into a stronger finished project