Nature’s Filters - CODAworx

Nature’s Filters

Client: Pam Beyette, Artist

Location: Charlotte, SC, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team


Pam Beyette

Art Consultant

Derix Art Glass Consultants,LLC


Derix Glasstudios


An entryway glass canopy at the Environmental Services Facility, Arts & Science Council, Charlotte, NC.


For the artist, Pam Beyette, "Nature's Filters" explores the complex world of organisms in the universe of water. The images are symbolic markers of a balanced healthy aquatic environment. The artwork takes the form of a floating glass canopy installation at the entrance of the lab.


Derix Fabrication consisted of partially dual-colour screen print, partially application of vitreous enamels by airbrushing according to templates and partially free style hand painting.