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My Do List

Submitted by Edna Segev

Client: Private

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $3,000

Project Team


Private Art Collector


Edna Segev

Edna Segev Mosaic & Design

Industry Resource

Yasmin & Arie Photographers


Its written in Hebrew which is read from right to left. so the first one on the top right is “To Accept” second below is “To Desire”, “To Create”, “To Lough”, “To Talk”. on the next column from top to bottom is “To Listen”, “TO LOVE” its in gold as love is golden, “To Excite”, “To Give” and last but not least “To Rejoice”


Making a mark of writing down the Ten Do's that I want people to behave with, It was done precisely.


I did them all

Additional Information

This artwork was done for myself, But was bought by an Art Collector in Israel. I was thinking of it for a long time, asking some couple of good friends to choose from a long list of "Do's" that i wrote, each one of them chose the ones that were important for her, and so it become the 10 Do list that I want people to have