Murmuration - CODAworx


Submitted by Elaine Mullings

Client: Conran Partners / D&D London

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $9,000

Project Team


Elaine Mullings


'Murmuration' is a series of four, site-specific, wall installations comprising 2500 powder-coated geometric aluminium objects that reference the movement and shape of flocks of birds in flight. Commissioned for the new Duke Restaurant in Trump Towers, Istanbul, the flocks' movement progressed from the large outside wall of the terrace bar to inside across two vast walls of the main restaurant to rest on the small wall just outside the main entrance.


The aim was to integrate crafted British artwork into the design of the new 13,367 square foot interior. The work linked the focal areas of the restaurant by bringing the outdoors inside and the implied movement of the ‘birds’ was designed to provide contemplative features within the busy environment of the restaurant.


Conran Partners and D&D London commissioned the work through the London-based art agency, Hoxton Art Projects. The clients' confidence in the vision of the work made the collaboration process exciting. They were very committed to the initial sketches and were keen to ensure that the artwork was distinct from but complementary to the interior design.

Additional Information

The scale of the work was amazing with the two largest pieces measuring 6000 - 6500 x 2000 x 100 mm while the smallest 1800 x1600 x 100 mm. Without an initial site visit, I worked 'blind' on the project developing the work from my drawings and hand-folded metal samples. I finally saw the site when I travelled to Istanbul to install the work. With just four days to complete the install, it was rewarding to see the work successfully come together first time, in situ.