Moritz Factory Installation - CODAworx

Moritz Factory Installation

Submitted by Anoche

Client: Moritz

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $9,404

Project Team


Jordi Ballesta



Rebeca Sánchez



The facade of the building was a great surface to create an installation
with a really known pattern for Barcelona, the “M” of Moritz logo.
The installation consists in 25 “M” strictly distributed on the facade,
hanging from balconies in 5 rows and 5 columns.
The light installation makes this pattern appear and disappear every 10
seconds, creating visual games and new formal and recognisable
We create to the viewers the illusion that “M” disappears, showing
completely different shapes, forms and movement.
From simplicity, we achieve dinamism and variability.


After Jean Nouvel's renovation, Moritz factory building become an icon
for the brand and for the city of Barcelona.
Festival Llum BCN was the perfect context to reinforce and present the
project to the city.
With this installation, the bulding and the brand itself become visible
and more recognisable for all citizens.
Finally Moritz Barcelona used this installation to call more people to
know the new building.


We collaborate with a lighting controller to play with all the possibilities the installation required.