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MNDFL Meditation Studio

Client: Hyphen & Co (designer)

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Designer / Artist

Artisan Moss


MNDFL Meditation Studio

MNDFL Meditation Studio


A collaboration between Artisan Moss (artist) and Hyphen & Co (designer), This installation was designed to bring in a preserved (maintenance free) botanical (moss & fern plant) wall. Approximately 109″; wide X 72″; tall gently angled top. Additional botanical pieces were created to support the main wall in the project.


Creating a tranquil and contemplative installation was paramount to provide a peaceful setting in which to meditate in the busy city. A deep monotone green tone was selected along with an extra lush styling, to provide the true feeling of a living wall. Integrating the angle of the ceilings slope into the design helped unify the space.


Hyphen & Co was charged with bringing nature into this meditation studio on behalf of the client. They set the shape and color criteria and allowed Artisan Moss to our intuition and artistic sensibilities to create an organic and natural installation that could invoke a calming of the mind.

Additional Information

Having provided numerous commercial, institutional installations, the concept of using our work in a meditation studio was an opportunity that we were delighted to be apart of. This project felt like a very natural extension of our body of work.