Mirror Stainless Steel and Corten Steel Sculpture-Flowing Watermark - CODAworx

Mirror Stainless Steel and Corten Steel Sculpture-Flowing Watermark


Location: Beijing, China

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Beijing Garden Expo Park

Sculpture Manufacture

Sino Sculpture Group


The stainless steel sculpture of the Flowing Watermark is made of Corten steel and the combination of stainless steel allows the designer’s inspiration to be fully expressed. Totally in 33 meters length. The top surface of the metal box is mirror stainless steel, the side of the metal box is rusted weather-resistant steel plate, the intersection is polished and smooth. The rusted steel plate has a velvety texture, with the curve of the change, has a clear and clear light and shadow relationship, at the same time through with the rusted steel plate. The contrast of the smooth texture of the top surface makes the form more powerful.


As one of the exhibition gardens of Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Exposition 2013, "Flowing Water Seal" is not only a symbol of China's modern landscape architecture but also a symbol of the Chinese people's desire for a modern landscape. The designer's reinterpretation and promotion of traditional gardens is also an expression of the advanced technology of China's current landscape industry.


Design, model optimization, fabrication, surface treatment, packing, transportation, installation on site.