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Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture-Fantasy Boat


Location: Nanjing, China

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Sculpture design

Wu Weishan

Sculpture Manufacture

Sino Sculpture Group

Sino Sculpture Group


The superb mirror stainless steel fantasy boat sculpture is 49 meters long and 6.8 meters high. The shape is like abstract boats and water waves. The sculpture was forged from mirror stainless steel and took 4 months. The sculpture has become the landmark of Nanjing Railway Station.


Fantasy Boat was created by the head of the China Sculpture Academy Wu Weishan for the Youth Olympic Games. About the dreamboat, Mr. Wu said, standing in Nanjing Station Square, the giant mirror stainless steel sculpture Dream Boat on the shore of Xuanwu Lake reflects the blue sky, the lake, and the steady stream of guests. Rippling waves of light, merge into the Yangtze River, Pentium into the sea. The great dream of the Chinese will be sailed to a glorious distance in the boat of peace that the Chinese nation continues to advance.


Design, model optimization, fabrication,surface treatment, packing, transportation, installation on-site.