Minimalist Bamboos - CODAworx

Minimalist Bamboos

Submitted by Cruglez Sternmann Studio

Client: Botanical Garden

Location: San Juan, PR, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Rosa Cruglez

Cruglez Sternmann Studio


Botanical Garden


Minimalist Bamboos is a sculpture that speaks about the Diversity and Inclusion on the society and the need of encourage sustainable practices on the art fields. Dimensions: 6 feet H x 1 feet W x 1 feet D. Materials: Plastic Balls integrated on Steel Bars.


The Goals for this Art Design was really create an eco friendly artwork that be responsive to the need of create sustainable and resilient practices on the Art Field and Art design. Also our goal was do some kind of experimentation , because right now we are trying to do this sculpture a little more tall , as of 12 feet Height, in this case, we can see that the sculpture has the opportunity of be converted on a kinetic Sculpture, because the colorful bamboos can be moved by the wind, is amazing the journey that this sculpture is giving me.


Really I conceived the idea and searched people with expertise in the Steel field that could give me more feedback of how I could bring to life my idea on a real and active sculpture. Then, all was as easy , as play with dolls but just doing beautiful art. The collaboration was fast and easy, they give me the tools and I play with them as a puzzle.