Milwaukee Law Firm - CODAworx

Milwaukee Law Firm

Submitted by Mary Johannessen

Client: Godfrey Kahn

Location: Milwaukee, WI, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Mary Johannessen

Art Consultant

Catherine Davidson

CR Davidson Art


New construction- design for corporate conference room overlooking Lake Michigan. The set of panels is the signature installation the space. The nine panel layout measures 3′ x 15′.


The artwork was commissioned to be the focal point in a roof top conference room. The building materials in the space were stone, metal, and a full wall of windows. The request was for an abstract design with lots of color. Other artwork on the floor, a mosaic fireplace surround, was created to coordinate with the commission.


The art consultant contacted me to submit a proposal for a set of glass panels measuring approximately 3' x 15'. She worked as liaison with the client for the project. We established a budget and that determined the complexity and size of work. The request was for an open ended abstract composition and, as the client was a long established firm in the city, I chose to focus on Milwaukee landmarks. After researching the area, I submitted six line drawings abstracted from recognizable landmarks and areas of the city. One sketch was discarded, the remaining five were further refined and color was added. The resulting designs were submitted to law firm's art committee for approval.