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Migrant Interior

Submitted by ACA - Amy Campos Architect

Client: private residence

Location: San Jose, USA

Completion date: 2011

Project Team

Interior Designer

Amy Campos

ACA - Amy Campos Architect


Amy Campos

ACA - Amy Campos Architect

Industry Resource

Rien Van Rijthoven

Rien Van Rijthoven Architectural Photography


Most of the clients’ dedication to the project, emotionally and financially, went towards what we normally think of as the least permanent, most migrant components.The clients knew that the space they inhabited would likely change before the things they put in that space would. We approached this project as a set of usable environmental guides to be deployed within this space and built upon within any other space they might inhabit in the future. Client: Art historian and software developer couple with one baby and more on the way, Sq Footage: 1600


Hesitance to invest in a permanently affixed dining light fixture opened the opportunity to think about a movable installation of a unique art commission as a more valuable, more long-lasting investment in their notion of “Migrant Home”, the title of the piece. Consisting of almost 100 hand blown glass spheres suspended from 7 different colors of monofilament that would catch the natural and artificial light existing in the space, “Migrant Home” is designed to adjust volumetrically to new spaces as the family moves.


For the Migrant Interior residential project in San Jose, our role straddled spheres of interior design, curation, installation, and organizational planning. In addition to the interior design of the entire home, we also designed the Migrant Home ceiling sculpture - 3d modelling and precisely calculating every aspect of the piece and the installation before hand. We installed the piece on site over a 2-day period that accommodated the client's child's nap schedule.

Additional Information

The piece has been in place for 3 years now and the client's are getting ready to move. We'll have the opportunity soon to see how well the adjustable design will work in a new space!