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Mid-Century Modern Corten Steel Screen

Submitted by Jan Kirsh Studio

Client: Peachblossom Creek

Location: Eastern Shore, MD, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $14,000

Project Team


Jan Kirsh

Jan Kirsh Studio

Industry Resource

Eric Harvey

E.R. Harvey Metalworking Company

Interior Designer

Paula Cipar

Morpheus Studio

Industry Resource

Mark Beaven

Exterior Enhancements


A contemporary screen was created and installed between two small, contiguous patios to provide privacy for both spaces without closing them off completely. The screen was fabricated from ¼” Corten steel into which a “shape-mosaic” was cut with a water jet. The screen consists of three panels set in a zigzag pattern, running generally north to south. The panels at each end of the screen are 48”H x 72” L. The connecting panel in the middle (which is oriented perpendicular to the others) is 48”H x 36”L.


The screen serves both a practical and an artistic function. Its pragmatic purpose is to create a room divider between two patios. Aesthetically, the screen serves to bring elements of the interior design out into the landscape. The imagery for the screen was suggested by the circular theme used for interior fabrics and fixtures, and the other shapes are contemporary takes on classic, mid-century modern standards.


The client was the chief collaborator for the project, offering specific requests to guide our process. In addition, we worked with a water-jet programmer, a metal worker, landscapers, and the interior designer.

Additional Information

Corten steel was the material of choice on this project because of its low maintenance qualities and its ability to blend with the natural environment.