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Michaelangelo’s Coffee House

Submitted by Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Client: Michaelangelo's Coffee House

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Anthony Dallmann-Jones


Zak Jones


Sam Chehade

Michaelangelo's Coffee House

Industry Resource

Moon Shadow Glass Company


Sam Chehade of Michaelangelo’s Coffee House warmly incorporates an abundance of art into his welcoming atmosphere in the heart of downtown Madison, WI on State Street. In partnership with friend and artist, Anthony Dallmann-Jones, art of all kinds now peppers the walls of the coffee shop. Specifically featured are Dallmann-Jones’ unique and scientific light sculptures.


The Light Ray Photographs and sculptures are an integral part of managing the pubic wall space of Michaelangelo's for six years now. The goals were to enhance and embellish the atmosphere of the coffee house in order to provide an atmosphere for artistic exploration and conversation, as well as decoration.


Two of the featured artists are father and son, Anthony Dallmann-Jones and Zak Jones. The technology behind the light sculptures was a NASA-originated glass by a firm from Oregon, waterjet cutting by a firm in Fond du Lac, drilling holes in this special glass by the artist with special diamond bit drills, and an LED 5watt pinspot developed by DJ Specialties of Los Angeles.

Additional Information

A variety of artist Dallmann-Jones' light-sculptures​ are installed directly onto the walls at Michaelangelo's. Additionally, the artist develops other art pieces that are direct photos of the sculptures. He does this by photographing projected light rays derived from the layered dichroic glass and a single 5watt LED light source. The artistry is similar to painting but with light. Angles of light and glass change colors, textures, and strength of light rays. This blends technology of the media with the creative mind of the artist.