Submitted by Stephen Daly

Client: Polytechnic University

Location: Valencia, Spain

Completion date: 2006

Project Team

Art Consultant

Pablo Sedeno

Polytechnic Univ. Valencia (UPV)


Stephen Daly


Commissioned directly following one person exhibition & catalogue at the UPV (Polytechnic Univ.) in Valencia, Spain. Conceived as representation of learning in a broad sense….little head represents the Mentor speaking into the ear of the learner who's head “explodes” with new knowledge.


Artwork integrated conceptually. Mentoring is blue in color so it tended to blend with the intense blue of the Spanish sky. Became one of dozens of modern and contemporary sculpture sited around this campus.


6' aluminum "model" sent to the university where 2 members of the sculpture faculty and some students enlarged the work and made patterns for casting. Work cast in bronze in a Madrid art foundry and then transported back to the school site.

Additional Information

The sculpture is just under 20' in height and is made of cast bronze. Project was funded by the University. Artist paid an allocated fee and the rest was covered….I never did know how much this cost. Bids at the time (enlarge & cast only…no shipping or installing) were all over $100,000.