Meditation Room - CODAworx

Meditation Room

Submitted by Ellen Abbott

Client: Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $7,500

Project Team


Ellen Abbott

Custom Etched Glass

Art Consultant

Charles White

Skyline Art Services


The client wanted a ‘tree of life’ inspired design. The carved and etched glass panels were installed in a false wall and lit from behind with access to the recess in order to be able to change out the bulbs when necessary. 11′ long x 5′ h, approx. 55 sq.ft.


The artwork was the focal point of the meditation room/chapel. I drew the leaves so as to be reminiscent of birds in flight to represent the prayers being offered for the recovery of their loved ones, as if the leaves were the prayers rising up to heaven. In addition, the design has rays of light descending from a point high above and small faceted jewels scattered about.


I was contacted by Skyline to create and present a proposal for this project using an image of a stained glass 'tree of life' for inspiration. Skyline presented my proposal to the client and acted as go between. They were also responsible for the installation.