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Madison Heights – Affordable Senior Residences

Submitted by Suzi K. Edwards

Client: Madison Heights Ltd.

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Suzi K. Edwards

Industry Resource

Rick & Mary Parnell


Paramount Community Development Corp


The client, Madison Heights Ltd, is a contractor who specializes in affordable senior residences. The only design parameter was that the artwork fit in the long vertical space and be colorful and tropical. I used flora and fauna that is native to the Tampa Bay area. I designed the artwork to be energizing and uplifting to the senior residents, as well as technically exciting and interesting to the art aficionados.


The project was commissioned to meet the Public Art requirement of the City of Tampa. The building is located in the downtown area, which is currently being revitalized with destination cultural venues, and new residences. I designed the large, 10'X30', vertical mosaic and placed it high up on the building, so it can be seen from blocks away. The Public Art Administrator was specific in asking that images used should be native to the Tampa Bay Area. I did online research to authenticate my chosen images: yellow warblers, hibiscus, sea grapes and Monarch butterflies are all commonly seen in Tampa.


I worked with the developer and his design staff: architect, and interior designer. Originally they were going to paint the building gray, with musty green and maroon trim. When they saw the colorful artwork, they chose the pure white, which compliments the work nicely.