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LUMMA Floating Murals: Living

Submitted by LUMMA

Client: LUMMA

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Adrian Levin



Alf Ertsland


When we decided to carve a workspace out of our 1,000 s.f apartment, we looked for a creative approach to design a light-filled environment with minimal alteration that would put every square foot to work in an artful way. Since nothing commercially available met our criteria, we decided to design our own. This was the genesis for LUMMA, a patented space system intended to merge art and interiors with floating translucent murals that are “totally off the wall”. They are produced in limited edition in collaboration with select artists.


We set out to design a space system that was not just about subdividing interiors. Our goal was to use art as a way to bring the concept of branded environments to a personal space. We felt it was important to create a layer for interiors that could also serve as stage for individual lifestyles. As important, we did not want to interfere with the decor, and have it installed with minimal alterations, maintain versatility and light throughout. The result is a visually impactful yet physically nimble design, with panel layers that can slide into multiple configurations and re-compose the original art canvas. What is also also unique is the way in which the subtle translucency of material gives the impression of a three-dimensional collage, merging art with interior space.


The artist and artwork is selected for quality and relevance to the spirit of the interior. The interior designer weighs in on compatibility between the art piece and the interior palette. The original artwork is digitized at full scale, and samples are produced using a film inter-layer between sheets of translucent resin material. There is a process of calibration in order to achieve a desired balance of image saturation, light diffusion, and overall impact. The scale and cropping of the artwork is carefully measured with overall space proportions, attempting to maintain integrity of this "digital original", gaining approval of the artist.

Additional Information

LUMMA features a patented design, recently awarded Architizer's A Award for best product and materials. "LUMMA is conceived as a new platform that challenges spatial boundaries as well as a canvas for collaboration with artists and interior designers" – Adrian Levin, founder LUMMA / Shown as example is artwork by Alf Ertsland /