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LUMMA Floating Murals: Kitchen

Submitted by LUMMA

Client: LUMMA

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Adrian Levin



Alvina Denisenko


Open kitchens typically present a challenge when it comes to integrating functionality and design with the rest of the dining / living room areas. In this particular case, LUMMA floating murals added separation without enclosure, allowing light passage to the kitchen area. Space can be opened or closed at a moment’s notice, quickly hiding any mess that could become unsightly.


It was important to have materials that provided a calm setting for what is generally the most active area in the home. Multiple panels were necessary to run the length of the main counter, and an abstract image seemed appropriate as backdrop to both kitchen and dining areas. The translucent panel surfaces are easily cleaned and allow natural light to come through, maintaining a light and open feeling. Inversely, the ambient kitchen light provides a backlit glow during the evening hours. Since these panels have no floor track, they slide to allow smooth surface cleaning very easily and collapse to one side or another as necessary.


We wanted to maintain relevance to the interior palette, and add a calm abstract image as backrop. The original artwork photo is digitized at full scale, and samples are produced using a film inter-layer between sheets of translucent resin material. We callibrate image saturation, light diffusion, and overall effect, which in this case required image filtering. The scale and cropping of the artwork is carefully measured with overall space proportions, gaining approval of the artist.

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