Submitted by Oh my Light! Studio

Client: Private Event

Location: Santiago, Chile

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $300

Project Team


Daniela Orellana

Oh my Light! Studio


Macarena Meza

Oh my Light! Studio


Lucigami was created for a private event in Santiago de Chile, where te client requested a captivating space and a different lighting atmosphere for the garden. The concept became a piece of origami made of light that also moves through water. Its folds and semi-translucent body form a star-shaped container that carries its own light.


It was an ephemeral intervention where the budget was very limited, so it forced us from the beginning to find the most simple and ingenious solutions that will not compromised the sensitivity of the result. The client was not part of this creative process.


In this case, artist and designer were the same. Designing with Light is in each project a new challenge. Lucigami was a mixture between minimalism, simplicity and color.

Additional Information

This proposal is based on creating a playful space that not only tries to use light as a medium to create effects, but as part of a main viewing experience when people gather around it and feel welcomed into its space.