Installations and wall art by Lori Lejeune - CODAworx

Installations and wall art by Lori Lejeune

Submitted by LORI LEJEUNE

Client: Southwest Arts Center, 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Work for public sites and modern spaces. In 2006, I was inspired to experiment with circular artwork by the late artist Diane Hause, who invited artists to exhibit work created on recycled compact disks at her gallery. This investigation led to the development of my wall installation work by 2010.

The large-scale, dynamic work suits public spaces and offers a signature look. In my wall installations, round artwork of varying sizes are combined to create elegant patterns. Many viewers comment that the organic patterns of my installations remind them of a constellation. As my work evolved, I began incorporating other shapes such as rectangles and squares as well. The patterns can suggest a sequence in time, movement or a feeling. With my installations, I seek to respond to and enhance a space.

My work is mixed media and cross-disciplinary, incorporating digital elements with traditional fine art techniques. The work promotes introspection, has a sense of playfulness and sparks conversation.


• Spark conversation: Public art can bring together diverse communities. It can strengthen community values and understanding between community members, as well as revitalize and activate spaces.
• Take risks: This work is cross-disciplinary and blends art + technology, enhancing our experience and understanding of art.

Additional Information

My style of work is suited to murals and outdoor artwork. My recent proposals have included work for skylights, vinyl murals, as well as ceiling-hung installations. While this work is more monochromatic, in recent years I've introduced more color to my pieces as well as working with more materials, such as industrial plastics and other durable materials suitable for murals and outdoor projects.