LmnTrix - CODAworx

Client: Miyazaki government

Location: Miyazaki, Japan

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Creator of the work

Alessio Cassaro

Antaless Visual Design


Miyazaki government

Miyazaki government


Being able to read a piece of art mainly means to decode its messages through visual language.
Every type of visual language (painting, advertising, cartoon) has its own key elements and its own distinguishing marks.
These factors are : points, lines, colour, surfaces, light, volume, composition, rythm and movement.
In order to communicate using visual language, these elements must be organized according to a structure that brings together meanings and precise rules.
The combination of these rules is called “the visual code.”
In this case, the visual code is further named “LMNtrix” (Elementrix)
Naturally the colours, dots, lines, etc. , inside of a complex picture are numerous and mixed, and it is up to us to distinguish the rules according to which they were organized as the image is visually perceived.


Enhance the museum of contemporary art through the use of video mapping.


The municipality called us to represent our visual art on one of the symbolic monuments of the city of Miyazaki

Additional Information

To see the video in 4k quality you can visit our official youtube channels "Antaless Visual Design"