LMC - CODAworx


Submitted by Wolfgang Gersch

Client: LMC

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Mike Ware, owner & president


Wolfgang Gersch

Meta Art Studios


Mike Ware, who is the owner of LMC, and I and Robert worked together on this very large and unique interior design project. It included creating a 2000 sq. ft. Paris street scene by night. 3D building facades where created and then painted and faux and aging techniques and effects applied by me. Real classic street lights and lantern where installed as well as decorative plants and fabrics. It ha s the look and feel of a theater stage.


The Paris street scene by night was the main highlight of the Home Theater show rooms here in Scottsdale.


The project was a unique and interesting collaboration of an experienced team. Mike, Robert and me where the main creative team and we liked working together.This kind of combining 3D extruded building facades and painterly and faux techniques create a beautiful look and feel, much better than just painting a mural on a flat wall. many people are very impressed by it.

Additional Information

We plan to work together on future projects