Linear Form Series-"Flumine" (River) - CODAworx

Linear Form Series-"Flumine" (River)

Submitted by John Luebtow

Client: City of Napa-Invitational Exhibition

Location: Napa, CA, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


John Luebtow

John Luebtow - Artist's Studio

Art Consultant

Goldi Luebtow

GG & Associates

Industry Resource

Matthew Luebtow



Description: Linear Form I-Beam Series “Flumine”, LF-17-00/10, Rusted steel I-Beam, 5 pieces of 1” glass,,,140” ht. x 30” x 8”, stainless steel base , 48” x 48” x 2” ht. The undulating kiln formed 1” thick annealed glass mimics the movement of the river (Latin: Flumine).The visual and physical limits set by the I-Beam echoes those of confinements set by the
river’s edge (the land). Contrasts echoing life, movement/ captivity, freedom/ restriction, glass
expressing the movement and rhythm of energy, steel defining the path of that energy.


This developed from an invitation by the City of Napa to exhibit outdoor sculpture as stated ... "The City desires to develop, encourage, and promote a wide variety of public art opportunities. The Napa Art Walk program will enhance the public environment and promote the understanding and enjoyment of public art by inviting artists to exhibit their art in downtown Napa on a temporary basis."...My piece was purchased privately, and on loan for one year. My goal was, as quoted from FROM San Francisco Chronicle Thursday, Sept. 10, 2010...
"In “Flumine” the River the manipulated glass, representing the river, allows the viewer to see Luebtow’s playful investigation of line and movement. The glass, similar to water and to life, reflects its environment and its viewing audience, allowing all on-lookers the chance to catch a glimpse of themselves within Luebtow’s simulated river, the stream of life obliquely resonating within the perimeters of time."


There was no collaboration . I designed, fabricated, and installed the project.