Private Residence - CODAworx

Private Residence

Submitted by Sandy Rosen

Client: Private Collector

Location: New Jersey, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Sandy Rosen


A private collector/client requested artwork for their beach house. A preliminary meeting narrowed the painting selections. We were able to show how the art would look in the spaces (as shown in these first renderings). Final limited editions were printed on canvas and framed. Along with the artwork, the owners wanted customized limited edition pillows to accent their leather sofa. The couple loved the artwork so much they chose one as a limited edition duvet for their primary bedroom residence (first image) and the peacock image for their hallway bath curtain for their guests.


The color choices were very important. SRA presented a few palettes to work from. Those ultimately chosen accentuated the owners' furniture and decor, enhancing the artwork as a focal point. It added visual excitement and helped the canvas' pop on the walls.


When producing work that represents the clients' taste and sensibilities, the collaboration between the client and artist is vital for success. SRA believes in this process, helping build trust and establish a positive working relationship early on. Our goal is to listen carefully and reflect back the desired effects for the collector/clients to visualize in their space. These initial renderings help paint an overall picture and help create their unique signature in their personalized environment.

Additional Information

This particular client is so excited with the final work that they want to commission more artwork and limited editions for their primary residence.