Lighting Beam - CODAworx

Lighting Beam

Submitted by Sophie Song

Client: BMW China

Location: Shanghai, China

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $33,000

Project Team


CHEN Xudong and Design Team

DAtrans Architecture Office




The urban showroom is the first sample in the downtown of the metropolis Shanghai to display and release its new productions for BMW. The main design’s purpose is to optimize and reuse the original building layout and improve the special quality to match the program of the new showroom. In order to activate the interior’s oppressed atmosphere we insert two vertical lighting’s wells into the relative isolated exiting building, which work as both visual and physical connections in the display’s levels.


For the interaction between cars and people the fluid horizontal lighting bands is proposed. The band with three levels skin wrap the exhibition’s space: In the car’s display area, some lighting boxes with the landscape’s image became the background; In the visitor’s area some display niches, thematic images, furniture and shelves are integrated into the bands. To select lower reflectivity and lighter materials, such as the translucent matt acrylic panels where to be used on the bands. It serves as a foil to the auto’s metallic and speedy mentality.

The lighting beam, about 10 meters high, composed by several neutral white LED tubes is suspended into the biggest central lighting’s well. The irregular vertical-crossed form of the lighting beam breaks the balance from the horizontal image’s band and provides the dynamic fluid character for the space. The relaxed lighting’s composition with the illumination dissipates the possible tension of the customers caused by the cold machinesï¼Å½

Additional Information

Gross Building Area: 2,084sqm Main Materials: Glass Curtain wall, Lighting box, polycarbonate panel, Epoxy flooring