Liberation Pointe - CODAworx

Liberation Pointe

Client: Christopher Adam - Eagle Scout

Location: Mechanicsburg, PA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Becky Ault

ART Design Group


ART Research Enterprises, Inc


Designed and Sculpted (2) Life Size D-Day Soldiers with historic elements. One soldier was standing and the other was down on the ground/ The Sculptures were casted in bronze with traditional hot chemical patina.


The goal for this project was to portray two soldiers landing on the beach during World War I. The design was based on the type of Military Uniform and gear that was used. This integration was very important to the sculpture since it was being installed outside a War Museum.


I designed and sculpted in traditional clay with armature both Life Size Soldiers including their period uniform and gear. ART Research, the foundry, produced the molds and cast the figures and elements in bronze, applied the hot chemical patina and sealant. ART Research also completed the delivery and installation.

Additional Information

This Sculpture was commissioned by a young man for his Eagle Scout project. He came to our facility for ART Design and the artist Becky Ault to design and sculpt the two soldiers and ART Research to produce the Sculptures in Bronze.