Let U.S. Prey - CODAworx

Let U.S. Prey

Submitted by Mr & Mrs Ferguson Art

Client: Burning Man Art

Location: Black Rock City, NV, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000


The eagle is regarded as one of the greatest of hunters and because of it’s ability and noble stature it has been designed into a metaphor, a symbol for politics, patriotism, religion and business. But what if that metaphor turned it’s attention to you? Let U.S. Prey was a wing width of 15 feet and is over 6 feet tall. It is covered in over $1,200 pennies, nickels and dimes that create a feather pattern.


We are deeply grateful to the honoraria support of Burning Man Arts, who have supported us on this project and three previous ones. Burning Man wants to see innovation, community inclusion and a reputation for delivery in difficult conditions. After Burning Man, the installation was requested to be shown at Maker Faire Bay Area and Alameda Mini Maker Faire. It was also shown at Burning Man's Decompression event in October 2018.


This art is made possible by the commitment of our volunteer art team who have worked on our projects with us for the last four years. As a team they put in over 600 hours to the project which is also for the event they love, Burning Man. The coins used as feathers were donated by Burning Man community members in California and Canada who wanted in at least a small way to be part of the project.

Additional Information

Our work is one of visual and sensory deception. A participant sees the art from afar and recognizes it as an eagle but on closer examination, they see that the feathers are coins and that they are a delightful to rub hands across. Questions beg as to how many coins are on the piece, how heavy is it and how long would this have taken?