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Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center

Client: Sharp Rees-Stealy

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Lea de Wit

Lea de Wit


Sharp Rees-Stealy

Sharp Rees-Stealy


I was commissioned to design wall-mounted art glass sculptural installations for lobbies on all 3 floors of a new Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center constructed in downtown San Diego, CA. It was approximately 21 linear feet of artwork in varying heights to accommodate the different wall dimensions and requisite donor signage on each floor.


The artwork was to pay homage to the giant old growth fig tree that was protected and retained in the landscaping right out front of the building when construction began. The idea was to have a flow from the outside in. San Diego lifestyle is very much synonymous with outside living because of the year round temperate climate. Bringing elements of the natural world into the built environment was important to create an atmosphere of wellness and vitality at the same time as being aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the viewer. The installation compositions were designed to be reminiscent of leaves blowing in the wind. The color designs were composed to tie in with the colors utilized for the interior materials for each floor and to create a sense of place that was consistent throughout the built environment but at the same time unique to each floor.


The art consultant and I worked closely together from the initial design concept, through the client review of the design sketches and color design samples for each floor to the completion and installation of the artwork. We coordinated with the client project manager to ensure that OSHPD regulations were met. Additionally, the art consultant, art installer, project manager, and I worked together to integrate the artwork with the requisite donor signage.