Vessels in PW colors - CODAworx

Vessels in PW colors

Client: Price Waterhouse

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Linda Leviton

Art Consultant

Litsa Spano

ADC Fine Arts


These leaf vessels are 18″x 24″ and 20″ x 30″. They are made of aluminum with the look of stainless steel; oil paint and crayon were used to create the designs. This work were created to compliment the pink, red and orange palette of the Price Waterhouse logo and be on a featured wall in their newly remodeled office in 2015.


The client had originally specified a narrow corridor for this work. When they realized that the work stood out from the wall approximately 4" which was appealing to them, they select a wall that work better for traffic in their offices.


This was a collaboration between client, art consultant and artist that worked very well. We all came together and made preliminary and final decisions about the wall selection, size, shape and design, and the color palette. The actual designs were complex and required some back and forth which was a very natural process for all involved.