La Fiesta Square Murals - CODAworx

La Fiesta Square Murals

Submitted by Ellen Blakeley Studio

Client: Cortese Investment Comany

Location: Lafayette, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Ellen Blakeley

Ellen Blakeley Studio


Steve Cortese

Cortese Investment Company


City of Lafayette


A three panel glass mural adorning the outside wall of La Fiesta shopping center in downtown Lafayette, California. This mural features tempered glass pieces together to create a scene. Each panel was 12' x 4', totally 144 square feet.


Using shattered, clear tempered glass catches the light and reflects it to show detail in a way that ceramic mosaic cannot achieve. The idea that we were given was very open in the early stages, and through samples and design boards and creating mock ups, this theme was chosen by the design team.


The collaboration was between the artist, designer and the investment team. The scenes are cohesive and pop from a distance while at the same time have hundreds of small details under the glass for pedestrians to discover up close. While designing all three murals to flow together seamlessly, the mural designers also worked to have each mural be unique enough to stand alone.