Josai University - CODAworx

Josai University

Submitted by Susan Singleton

Client: Jung Hayashi

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $7,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Jung Hayashi



susan singleton


My work provides a quiet invitation..a centering and meditation. I particularly love that this piece was installed in a university. I was given the materials board and size.


I think my use of materials and geometry work well in contemporary Japanese architecture..we share the same vocabulary -- isolating natural elements and simplifying the organization of space. the beautiful natural edges of the paper .. my rather neutral palette, and play of formal vrs random elements all add an activity in a sparse quiet space.. If I stay true to my work I have great confidence in the architect and interiors people as well as the art dealer to organize the space perfectly. It does take all the component parts working to make me happy with commission work!


I was provided material samples, a size and budget. The work is on paper. 4M x 1M stitched together, surfaced dyed and stenciled with leafing in gold and silver. Because I have worked with this art dealer over the years, we have a trust that the work will marriage well. My biggest part of the project is taking the input-- then emptying my brain to create a piece that flows through my hands and reflects my heart. Sometimes in commissioned work that is the most difficult part for me.

Additional Information

Whe lighting still needs to be adjusted... but I am satisfied and delighted to have my artwork in this composition.