Interpretive History of The Castro House - CODAworx

Interpretive History of The Castro House

Submitted by Vanessa Stafford

Client: Aptos Blue (Mid Pen Coalition)

Location: Aptos, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $7,500

Project Team


Vanessa Stafford

Mid Pen Housing Coalition: Aptos Blue

Art Consultant

Melissa Smedley: Aptos Blue

Mid Pen Housing Coalition: Aptos Blue


The Castro House art project was launched by Mid Pen Housing Coalition. The board members requested that five paintings be created to exhibit the interpretive history of the Castro House in Aptos, CA.


These paintings were installed on the walls of the interior of the Castro House; to provide visitors with images of five views of the History of the Castro House.


The paintings were commissioned by Kate Smith, under the supervision of Melissa Smedley. Other members in this project were an Interior Designer, Interior Landscape Artchitect, and Interior Lighting.

Additional Information

Extensive hours of research went into the background history of each family living in the Castro House. The Castro House itself was awarded the "Blue Plaque" honor; for its renovation and use of "green" materials.