Interactive Aquarium - CODAworx

Interactive Aquarium

Client: Children's Health

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Clint Allen

New Aspect Design

Art Consultant

Jacqueline Chan

Skyline Art


The Aquarium Wall at Children’s Health in Dallas was created to provide patients and families with an engaging moment of positive distraction to minimize the stress of prolonged visits to the Center for Cancer and Blood disorders. The facility, located within the main hospital tower, was renovated to include an encompassing art program that included interactive elements within an underwater theme. Clint designed and installed an aquarium wall that cycled five short interactive games that children can play with the movement of their hands.


Each game was designed to be simple and fast paced to keep crowds from forming in the corridor. There are two elements in each one that are control by the right and left hand of a child standing on a colored spot in the hallway. The games cycles to the next after one minute. Due to stringent infection control requirements at the hospital touch screens were ruled out, so a motion detection camera was used. All controls were installed in a tech room behind the installation and was designed to be maintained by hospital IT staff.