River Theme Mural for Corporate Lobby. Yellow Landscape Abstract Painting - CODAworx

River Theme Mural for Corporate Lobby. Yellow Landscape Abstract Painting

Client: Private Corporate Client

Location: Richmond, VA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Dorothy Fagan

Private Corporate Client


Inspiration for a post covid world,5′ x 10′ river themed painting inverts our old ideas of coloring inside the lines ~ to guide us in crossing into a world where we define ourselves in the flow of heart-led self expression.

In our post-covid world, heart-led creativity urgently becomes our new norm. This unique work of art guides and engages viewers in discussing and expanding creative capacity.

CONCEPT Out of the woods and crossing the river, we find ourselves entering a new world, in need of a fresh approach to working together. The painting appears, like a coloring book in which we must express colorful heart-felt emotions before we draw the lines to contain them.

This symbolizes a reversal of the perceived creative process. Rather than coloring inside predetermined lines, we find ourselves in a world in which we must first feel empathy ~ before outlining plans and structures. Pointing to this shift in the process will assist people in crossing, as they support each other in expressing and accepting empathy first, then creating structures together.

THE PAINTING is created with oil wash and willow charcoal on eight 30″ square canvases, overall 5′ x 10′.

Additional Information

COLLATORAL information including process videos, review by curator Georgia Massari from DressMe exhibition in Milan Fasion Week, and healing ColorME Energized palette can be found at https://dorothyfagan.com/crossing2