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Inner Space Artifacts

Submitted by Benjamin Ridgway

Client: Galleries and Film Festivals

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Benjamin Ridgway


Benjamin Ridgway


Inner Space Artifacts synopsis- Artifacts from inner space transformed into moving digital sculptures. My project is an experimental animation and set of sculptures that came from the film. Some of the 3D models that were used to create the animation were printed and then cast using metal cold casting and traditional lost wax bronze casting.


When creating experimental animations I often use intuition and visualization techniques to come up with ideas. Often times these ideas come to me as a flash of insight. Other times I must plumb the depths of my psyche to find novel approaches to making moving images. The film “Inner Space Artifacts” was a journey of deep excavation into the world of abstract ideas. The moving objects in the animation I regard as “artifacts” that I uncovered and shaped into ephemeral moving digital sculptures.


I worked with Moddler in San Francisco for 3D printing and Artworks Foundry in Berkeley for bronze casting.