Submitted by Tonya Hart

Client: City of Toronto

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Tonya Hart

Public Art Agent

City of Toronto


Initially commissioned by the city of Toronto for Scotiabank Nuit
Blanche 2011, INFRA is a pack of wolves rendered as thermal portraits. As a
light sculpture, the wolves are fabricated with fiberglass and polyurethane
resin with the addition of florescent pigment added to enhance the LED lighting
for night projection.


INFRA was created on a very modest budget for Nuit Blanche. This all-night contemporary art festival in Toronto, Canada draws spectacular crowds from diverse demographics, making it a highly successful cultural event with a unique platform to socially engage through public art. Following Nuit Blanche, INFRA went on an impromptu tour across Canada with its appeal to city temporary public art programs. The goals of Nuit Blanche and the other light festivals and events that INFRA has been a part of was focused on engaging communities with vibrant projects to enliven public spaces. INFRA provided public spaces with color and meaning. The wolves’ bright florescent colors aim to mimic infrared imagery to portray the wolves as pure energy and more attuned to their primal instincts and connection to nature. The wolves glow day and night in sharp contrast with the grey urban space to appear other, even alien among us.


This project has provided me with extensive experience working with public art departments, technicians, engineers and electricians. It has also lead to additional commissions and media opportunities. Furthermore, INFRA demonstrates my success creating a strikingly unique public art work that connected with communities.