Infinite Aspirations - CODAworx

Infinite Aspirations

Submitted by Jesse Small

Client: Kansas City Chiefs

Location: Independence, MO, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Jesse Small

Zero Entropy Structures

Industry Resource

Paul Martin

A. Zahner Sheet Metal Co.


Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs


With countless viewing angles from below and all sides, the sculpture addresses sight lines that extend hundreds of feet through the architecture. It takes advantage of this dynamic by providing each angle with a unique facet. The way that the mandalas/dream catcher elements hang and overlap generates endless shadow configurations and patterns for people to discover.


As a sports team, the Chiefs want to create a spirit of achievement and success. They wanted the artwork in their stadium to reflec the work ethic and spirit of pushing the limits. This provided me with unbridled freedom to create a technologically and formally complex project. To dream big, and then a little bigger.


Because of the engineering aspects inherent to a suspended structure of 600 LBS, I formed a strong network of communication amongst the facility supervisor, architectural engineers and fabricators to establish a smooth installation pipeline. The client expressed their desire for something large and dynamic that would inspire and move people visiting the stadium. Such over-achievements are possible with friendly, professional cooperation across the team spectrum. I feel that as the artist part of my job is to inspire enthusiasm and group ownership of the projects challenges. This elevates the bar on timeliness and perfectness in fabrication.

Additional Information

Working with a sports team may seem like a strange fit for contemporary art, but I knew from the beginning that athletes and artists have similar goals for achievement. We want to reach new territory within ourselves, and then to share it with others. I found working with the Chiefs to be a total pleasure and an honor.